Lidice Remembered Around the World by Toni Brendel

One of our members, Toni Brendel, has asked us to forward this message to our members:
Lately, I have been going some traveling to promote my new book, “Lidice Remembered Around the World.”   This is an expanded version of the earlier book of the same title.   The book retells the story that unfolded during WWII with the planning and carrying out of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, important Nazi General, author of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.  Had he lived, his plan to eradicate the Jewish population in Europe and part of Russia may have succeeded.  This is said to be the most important historical event in Czech/Slovak lands during WWII.   Due to the success of Operation Anthropoid, the villages of Lidice (and Lezaky) were destroyed, along with most of their people.
One of the two parachutists who performed the successful mission was Slovak hero, Jozef Gabcik.  Along with his Czech counterpart, the deed was done, and today both are being recognized in their respective villages for their heroism.  Gabcik is memorialized with a bronze bust in Zilina, Slovakia, near his home village, and again, along with Jan Kubis, at the site of their deaths, in Prague.   All of the principals credited with assisting in the operation are written about in the book,  along with the aftermath of the tragedy which was never much known.
The book takes the reader to places in the world where memorials were established, where parks, by-ways, cities, and even children’s names became:  LIDICE.
As unbelievable as it seems, people in Crest Hill, Illinois, and Phillips, Wisconsin, continue to conduct memorial services to the memory of Lidice, even today, 70 years later.  A beautiful monument, recently was given a new face in Lidice, Brazil, near Rio de Janeiro, and continues to be adorned with floral tributes each year.
The memorial grounds in Lidice thrive in the area where the village once stood, and a new village has been built not  far away.  After visiting the site four times through the years, I got acquainted with the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and members of the Lidice Memorial staff, including two of the “Lidice Children,” and photographs were used in the book.
The book may be purchased through the author, Toni Brendel, or

Amazon and Penfield Books also have it available.       $16.00 plus postage and handling:  $21
Toni Brendel,  Author

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