A Note Regarding Czechoslovak Dealers

FYI.  In looking for dealers of Czechoslovak material, I lucked into
the following.  Jack Ott is a local dealer who also organizes shows.
His largest show is held at the Elks Club in Fairfax, VA.  This
weekend (9/07-9/08) was one of Jack’s shows; two dealers there has a
lot of Czechoslovak material:

1)  Michael Schweitzer, P.O. Box 361064, Indianapolis, Indiana
46236—2 large red boxes labeled Czechoslovakia including the First
Republic,  and a selection of wartime Slovakia and Bohemia and
Moravia—no covers.  michael@mandshobbies.com   and

2) The Russian expatriate who’s company is “Admirer of Stamps” 49
Trafalgar Sq., Lynbrook, NY 11563
516-561-2292.  stampadm@optonline.net   eBay store:  Admirer of
Stamps.  Large selection of stamps including the First Republic and
souvenir sheets and other “stuff” in stock books. Very few covers.  In
the past, Rich P. has bought from him.
I’ve seen him at other local shows and he adds slowing to his
Czechoslovak inventory; His ad mentions Czechoslovakia, Poland,
Hungary, Germany, Russia, etc.


John P.

(The SCP does not endorse nor has been paid for this information)

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