Board Meeting 7.14.2011


Board of Directors Meeting, July 14, 2011,Minneapolis Stamp Expo 2011, Crystal Community Center, Crystal, MN

Present: Tom Cossaboom, Marisa Galitz, Savoy Horvath, Chris Jackson, Frederick Lawrence, Richard Livingston, John Pojeta, Lou Svoboda, Jaroslav Verner, Olech Wyslotsky

Proxies: Sam Horvath: Phil Rhoade, John Pojeta, Rich Palaschak, Lou Svoboda: H. Alan Hoover, Bob Koschalk & Ed Lehecka

Guests: Earl Galitz, Chuck Rehman, & Robert ‘Bob’ Smetana

Quorum: A quorum is constituted, with ten members present and five proxies.


Thanks to outgoing secretary Phil Rhoade for his outstanding work. Likewise to our past treasurer, Ed Lehecka, gave up his position as Society treasurer because his health no longer permits him to travel to most board meetings.

Library: will reduce its holdings of individual issues of the Specialist to no more than five copies of any issue and destroy the rest.

Website: A policy will be drafted defining what the Society should do to reassure all that translations placed on the web site are as accurate as possible.

Sales Circuit: The consensus of the board was to continue operating the sales circuits as they are now.

APS Liaison:  Motion passed to exchange membership lists with APS.

Mucha Award: APS will be provided with a copy of the criteria for the Mucha Award.

Motion passed that the Society will participate in the APS writers’ award program.

The APS representative will notify the board when APS requests nominations for the award. Motion passed that the Society will prepare a ribbon to accompany the Mucha Award.  The ribbon would be placed on the frame of the exhibit winning the Mucha Award. A design will be prepared for the Mucha Award ribbon.  The design should have the words “Alfons Mucha Award” and in smaller letters “Society for Czechoslovak Philately.”  The proposed design will be submitted to the board for final approval.

Membership:  Cards were sent inviting members living in the area of the show (members in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago area, and Iowa) to attend the show and the board meeting. Also, society information has been sent to various Czech and Slovak contact groups on line. The Society is in very good financial condition and currently has about 250 members from all over the world.

Future Conventions:

2012:  ROMPEX, Denver, 18-20 May (This is an additional meeting to allow board members to work at the Society Library)

2012:  BALPEX, Baltimore, Sep 2-4

2013:  WESTPEX, San Francisco, 26-28 Apr.

2014:  NOJEX, New Jersey, 23-25 May (probable dates?) (Society’s 75th anniversary)

There will be a judge with some knowledge of Czechoslovak philately at each of these.  The judges are Tony Dewey (BALPEX), Frederick Lawrence (WESTPEX), and Dominick Riccio (NOJEX).


Expertization:  APS requested that the SCP provide a list of members who would be willing to participate as members of the APS Expertizing Committee as needed.By participating as a member of the APS Expertizing Committee, the SCP member would not have any liability.  Rather, APS would issue the certificate and APS rules of liability would apply.  APS insurance would cover the liability.

Scott Catalogue :  Scott Publishing has provided the Society with a complimentary copy of volume II (includes Czechoslovakia) for helping to provide input to update the catalogue.  The volume will be placed in the Society’s library.  Scott’s volume II contains a number of price increases which may be a result of the Society’s input.  The Society also provided suggestions to update the Scott Classics Catalogue, 1840-1940, during May 2011.  That catalogue has yet to be published.

ByLaw Revisions The board postponed a complete review of the by-laws.Motion passed that all future board members must have access to the internet. Candidates would be announced in the Winter (Jan-March) issue of the Specialists.  Results will be announced in the Spring (Apr-Jun) issue.  These are administrative changes caused by the reduction in the number of issues per year.

The sense of the board was that By-Law 4B be amended so that a member in good standing would need only one other member in good standing to support his nomination for the board.  That the nominee indicates in writing that he/she understood the requirements of board membership and accepted the nomination.  Further both the nominee and the supporting member may submit their nomination and acceptance via email. A formal proposal will be drafted for the vote of the board.

Motion passed to change By-Law 7A to require a quarterly publication of the Specialist versus bi-monthly.

Library: Moving the library from Baltimore to Denver cost $3020.58 which is being paid by generosity of the Phil Melamed Foundation.   Motion passed to pay the cost of renovating the part of the RMPL to be used by the SCP Library, estimated at $850.00, from the Society’s general fund. One other cost of the library will be insurance.

Exhibiting: The Society needs more members to exhibit.

Richard Palaschak, President
Chris Jackson, Vice-President
Tom Cossaboom, Secretary
Marisa Galitz, Treasurer


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