A Note Regarding Czechoslovak Dealers

FYI.  In looking for dealers of Czechoslovak material, I lucked into
the following.  Jack Ott is a local dealer who also organizes shows.
His largest show is held at the Elks Club in Fairfax, VA.  This
weekend (9/07-9/08) was one of Jack’s shows; two dealers there has a
lot of Czechoslovak material:

1)  Michael Schweitzer, P.O. Box 361064, Indianapolis, Indiana
46236—2 large red boxes labeled Czechoslovakia including the First
Republic,  and a selection of wartime Slovakia and Bohemia and
Moravia—no covers.  michael@mandshobbies.com   and

2) The Russian expatriate who’s company is “Admirer of Stamps” 49
Trafalgar Sq., Lynbrook, NY 11563
516-561-2292.  stampadm@optonline.net   eBay store:  Admirer of
Stamps.  Large selection of stamps including the First Republic and
souvenir sheets and other “stuff” in stock books. Very few covers.  In
the past, Rich P. has bought from him.
I’ve seen him at other local shows and he adds slowing to his
Czechoslovak inventory; His ad mentions Czechoslovakia, Poland,
Hungary, Germany, Russia, etc.


John P.

(The SCP does not endorse nor has been paid for this information)

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If you are in Washington DC during September 15th or 29th




Sept. 15, 10 am
The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception invites you to celebrate Mass on September 15, at 10 am, in the Crypt Church in commemoration of the 1115th anniversary of the arrival of Cyril and Methodius to Great Moravia. The Mass will be celebrated in the Slovak language.

Sept. 29, 12:15 pm
The Basilica will also celebrate Mass with Rev. Antonín Kocourek from New York in honor of St. Wenceslaus on September 29, 12:15 pm, in the Czech National Chapel (Hostyn Chapel). The sermon will be in the Czech language.

MASS: Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Cyrpt Church | Our Lady of Hostyn Chapel (both are located on the lower level)
400 Michigan Avenue, NE, Washington, DC


The Czech National Chapel was a gift of the Czech-American Catholics and dedicated in June 1983 by James Cardinal Hickey. Recalling the rescue of the Czech nation in 1241, Mary is shown with the Christ Child atop rain clouds; in the Child’s hand is a bolt of lightening. The translation of the inscription on the face of the arch above the statue reads: “Remain a Mother to your people.” The heroic size bronze statue of St. John Neumann, native of Bohemia, Bishop of Philadelphia and the first American to be canonized, is located at the entrance.

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Lidice Remembered Around the World by Toni Brendel

One of our members, Toni Brendel, has asked us to forward this message to our members:
Lately, I have been going some traveling to promote my new book, “Lidice Remembered Around the World.”   This is an expanded version of the earlier book of the same title.   The book retells the story that unfolded during WWII with the planning and carrying out of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, important Nazi General, author of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.  Had he lived, his plan to eradicate the Jewish population in Europe and part of Russia may have succeeded.  This is said to be the most important historical event in Czech/Slovak lands during WWII.   Due to the success of Operation Anthropoid, the villages of Lidice (and Lezaky) were destroyed, along with most of their people.
One of the two parachutists who performed the successful mission was Slovak hero, Jozef Gabcik.  Along with his Czech counterpart, the deed was done, and today both are being recognized in their respective villages for their heroism.  Gabcik is memorialized with a bronze bust in Zilina, Slovakia, near his home village, and again, along with Jan Kubis, at the site of their deaths, in Prague.   All of the principals credited with assisting in the operation are written about in the book,  along with the aftermath of the tragedy which was never much known.
The book takes the reader to places in the world where memorials were established, where parks, by-ways, cities, and even children’s names became:  LIDICE.
As unbelievable as it seems, people in Crest Hill, Illinois, and Phillips, Wisconsin, continue to conduct memorial services to the memory of Lidice, even today, 70 years later.  A beautiful monument, recently was given a new face in Lidice, Brazil, near Rio de Janeiro, and continues to be adorned with floral tributes each year.
The memorial grounds in Lidice thrive in the area where the village once stood, and a new village has been built not  far away.  After visiting the site four times through the years, I got acquainted with the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and members of the Lidice Memorial staff, including two of the “Lidice Children,” and photographs were used in the book.
The book may be purchased through the author, Toni Brendel, brendel@pctcnet.net or brendeltoni@charter.net.

Amazon and Penfield Books also have it available.       $16.00 plus postage and handling:  $21
Toni Brendel,  Author
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A Sample of Linn’s Stamp News e-mails

To ensure that you keep receiving Linn’s Stamp News e-mails,
please add linns@amosmediaonline.com to your address book.
Linn's Stamp News
August 26, 2013
Your Digital Edition Is Now Ready!Earliest $5 Hamilton use found

A newly discovered registered cover bearing the earliest documented use of the United States $5 Alexander Hamilton stamp on a commercial cover sold Aug. 7… More…

Linn's Stamp NewsRead this issue now!
Continental Phil Kelleher Mystic
Featured Articles
Superman soars on Canadian setSuperman soars on Canadian set

During the annual Toronto comic convention Fan Expo Canada Aug. 23-26, Canada Post surprised guests with the announcement that it will issue a set of Superman postage stamps Sept. 10… More…

Three Major public auctions at Kelleher on Sept. 18-20. Check our site!

From classic Germany to major US gems, see Kelleher’s Sept 18-20 auctions on our site!… (More…)

Ten U.N. stamps promote humanitarian campaignStamps for humanitarian campaign

The United Nations issued a pane of 10 stamps Aug. 19 for World Humanitarian Day. The stamps are denominated $1.10 each for use from the post office at U.N. headquarters in New York City… More…

Don A. says he had a “great experience” selling his stamps.

Collector reports his process was professional, personal, and very prompt… (More…)

Ten U.N. stamps promote humanitarian campaignNew printing for Emancipation stamps

The United States Postal Service ordered a second print run of 10 million Emancipation Proclamation commemorative forever stamps based on additional demand… More…

USA! Canada! British!

Our regular sales are a great source of singles, sets, covers, errors… (More…)

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911 S. Vandemark Rd, Sidney, OH 45365
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Czech the News – August 2013


August 2013
Ambassador’s Message: “It was my pleasure this summer to open the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Seattle. This is the twentieth such post in the United States, serving the Czech-American community and promoting the good name of the Czech Republic. We continue to grow our consular network to strengthen Czech-American ties in areas such as business, culture, education and tourism. I would again like to congratulate Honorary Consul Wayne Jehlik on his appointment and wish him much success.” ~ Petr Gandalovič
US LNG Exports – Allies’ Perspective

Should the U.S. export more natural gas and what would be the impact for countries such as the Czech Republic or Hungary? That was the topic discussed on Capitol Hill on July 9. Photo Courtesy: Embassy of Hungary Read more.

“Prague Agenda” and the Czech RepublicPrague has played a crucial role in the field of arms control, disarmament, non proliferation, and nuclear security since 2009, when Obama oulined his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons (the so-called “Prague Agenda). Photo courtesy: U.S. State Department | Read more.
New Honorary Consulate OpensOn June 28, 2013, the Czech Republic opened its twentieth Honorary Consulate in the United States in Seattle, Washington. Wayne Jehlik, founder and director of the Czech Center for Education and Culture, heads the consular post.Photo Courtesy: Bruce Hemingway  | Read more.
Czech Companies at EAA AirVenture
Ambassador Gandalovič traveled to Oshkosh, WI, to support Czech exhibitors participating in the annual EAA AirVenture. Nine Czech companies covering a wide variety of aviation products were present confirming the strength of this industry in the Czech Republic. Photo Courtesy: Marino Boric  | Read more.
Mutual Inspirations Festival LaunchesOn September 5, the Embassy of the Czech Republic will kick off the two-month long Mutual Inspirations Festival – Václav Havel, celebrating the life and legacy of the former dissident, playwright, and former Czech president, with over 30 events taking place from September-October 2013, at venues in Washington, DC. Photo courtesy: Pavel Štecha | Read more.
Oscar-Winner Heads to DCThe Czech Embassy announces a week-long series of events from September 13-17, with Oscar-winning Czech director Jiří Menzel. The special series marks the year of Menzel’s 75th birth anniversary! Photo courtesy: Czech Center in Prague |Read more.
The Embassy of the Czech Republic
3900 Spring of Freedom Street, NW, Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202/274-9105 | E-mail: czech_events@yahoo.com
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APS August Newsletter


August 2013 Do More, Learn More, Enjoy More

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APS StampShow
The largest U.S. philatelic event of the year is coming to Milwaukee, Wisconsin Thursday–Sunday, August 8–11.
• The show program is now online.
• Members are welcome to attend meetings of the APS and APRL boards.


2013 Luff Awards
Art Groten, George Kramer and Richard Nakles will receive the Society’s most prestigious award for living philatelists at the StampShow Awards Banquet. Read more.


 StampShow App StampShow App
A free mobile application is available for StampShow2013. Access the application by searching the keyword “StampShow” in the App Store™ or Google Play™  or by going to the APS website and following the links.
August American Philatelist
The August American Philatelist features “Wisconsin” by Bob Koepsel. Other articles include: “Philatelic Connections of the Dennison Manufacturing Company” by Vincent Centonze and APS StampShow information.Read the AP online.


Free Auction Agent Service
A ten-lot auction of donated material will be held as part of the Tiffany Dinnerat StampShow. All members are welcome to bid on the lots even if they do not attend the event. The auction agent will not charge a fee; however, he will donate a 5% match on any client’s winning bid! See page 7 of thecatalog for full details.


APS Receives Digitization Grant
Microfilm ScannerThe APS/APRL has received a $50,000 grant from the David T. Beals III Charitable Trust to:
• purchase a second professional grade large format (11″ x 17″) book scanner;
• purchase a microfilm scanner to allow us to produce high quality prints and digital scans from microfilm and microfiche, as well as automate the digitization of microfilm;
• acquire server space for the storage and backup of materials digitized by the APRL and other philatelic libraries;
• to have a limited number of items professionally scanned; and
• to cover costs to ship materials to and from volunteers who can index and scan materials from their home.


APRL Receives Alexander Donations
Thomas J. Alexander has donated his postal history research archive and library to the American Philatelic Research Library. On July 11 the APRL received 326 bankers boxes of his material. Read more and see some pictures of this donation.


August books August Books
• Back-in-Stock: APS has eight copies of Simpson’s U.S. Postal Markings 1851–61 for only $50 +S/H. Order yours now while it’s in stock!

• New Book: New to the APS and for only $55 +S/H is Essence of Polar Philately by Hal Vogel. This 208-page full-color book is an encyclopedia of polar philately with chapters on acquisition, valuation, and gems.

Visit the APS website for more information on the books and to purchase.


APS Service: Chapter Activities Committee
CAC LogoThe APS Chapter Activities Committee (CAC) serves as the focal point for most services to APS Chapters. Chapters looking for advice on how to publish a newsletter, draft bylaws, run a show, or “how-to-do-it” information on any number of local functions may find assistance. The Committee offers a robust website offering clubs a variety of resources. Visit the CAC website for more information.


From the Education Department
• On the Road Course: U.S. Bank Note Company Issues: 1870–1890Unravel the complexity of printings for these common stamps and the major changes in paper production technology that occurred during the period in this APS “On the Road” course with Clark Frazier.

• On-line Courses:
Basic Stamp Collecting, APS StampCampus course starts October 22.
A perfect introduction to the hobby with the convenience of working at your own pace during each of the four weeks. The course includes a live internet meeting held each Tuesday evening for optimal interaction with the instructors, Don Chenevert and Ada Prill, and other students.

Keys to Exhibiting, APS StampCampus course begins October 28. This six-lesson course covers the nuts and bolts of building a successful exhibit through workbook instruction and individual guidance from the instructor, Janet Klug. Plan to spend several hours each week working on the assignments in this project-based course.


Genuine or Forgery Azerbaijan Scott #2
Have a look at Azerbaijan Scott 2 — can you tell which one is genuine and which one is a forgery? See other “Forged and Genuine” stamps.


At a Glance: Ireland
This month we take a glance at Ireland. The APS Reference Collection, created and sustained through the generosity of members, may be viewed by visitors to the APC. Contact us to see if you have a philatelic item that we might need to enhance the collection for our members. Previous photo tours also are available.

 New Digital Publication: The tables presented in PDF format on this CD-ROM contain data that was not included in U.S. International Postal Rates 1872‑1996 by Henry W. Beecher & Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz due to space constraints. This CD is available on the APS website.

 New Books: Take a look at June’s latest acquisitions received from June 16–July 15. Request these and other material through the Library’s Online Catalog or by e-mail.


New on the APS Website
• Free for downloading and printing:
— August’s cachets include Lighthouse, Book Lovers, Smores, and Aviation Days, and National Gulf and National Picnic Months.
— Our computer wallpaper, for August, features Althea Gibson, from the Black Heritage Series.

• Article of Distinction: The following was added in July: Some Interesting Covers from St. Helena, by Ernest E. Roberts. See previous Articles of Distinction.

• Reminder: Look daily for updates on the website — allowing frequent visitors an easy way to view what’s new at APS.


Oil Lamp


Monthly Features
 APC Object: This month we are looking at an oil lamp donated by APS member James Dimond. It is on display in the Headsville Post Office.

 U.S. Stamp Series: In conjunction with the issue of the Althea Gibson stamp we are featuring the Black Heritage Series. The first was Scott 1774, Harriet Tubman issued in 1978. To see this series go to Beyond the Perf, scroll down and click on “Black Heritage.”  Also available is Black Heritage Series album pages — free for downloading and printing.


Affiliate of the Month: JAPOS JAPOS Logo
JAPOS (Journalists, Authors, and Poets on Stamps) Study Group is APS affiliate #68. Its purpose is to unite collectors of stamps featuring journalists, authors, and poets. Membership is $9 for U.S. and Canada and $12 for elsewhere, and includes its quarterly journal the JAPOS Bulletin. For more information email Cletus.

Find an APS affiliate in your area of interest.


August Philatelic History
• August 27, 1988: Wilbur F. Cannon (Outstanding Service to the Society), Charles J. Peterson (Exceptional Contributions to Philately), and Karl J. Schimmer (Distinguished Philatelic Research) received the John N. Luff awards.
From Post Dates — A Chronology of Intriguing Events in the Mails and Philately by Kenneth Wood.


“Out and About” with APS
• Dana Guyer, Barb Johnson, Rick Banks, Barb Boal, Tom Horn, Janet Houser, Gretchen Moody, Tara Murray, and Scott Tiffney will be attendingAPS StampShow, August 8–11.
• Barb Boal, AP Editor, will be speaking at Milwaukee Philatelic Society, August 6.
• Scott Tiffney, APRL Reference Assistant, will be at AmeriCover, August 16–18. Ken Martin, Executive Director, will be judging at this show.


Follow the APS On…



Aug. 6–7: Computers and Collecting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin *
Aug. 7: APS Board Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Aug. 7: Stamp Shows Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Aug. 8–11: APS StampShow, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Aug. 25: October AP Advertising Deadline
Sept. 8: YSCA Online Meeting
Sept. 25: November AP Advertising Deadline
Oct. 2–3: The Visible Postal System: A Postal History Course, Los Angeles, California; prior to Sescal *
Oct. 22: Basic Stamp Collecting Online Course
Oct. 28: Keys to Exhibiting Online Course
Dec. 4–5: The U.S. Bank Note Company Issues: 1870–1890, Orlando, Florida; prior to Florex *
Feb. 14–16 AmeriStamp Expo, Little Rock, Arkansas
June 15–20 APS Summer Seminar, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
July 21–25 Volunteer Work Week, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Aug. 21–24: APS StampShow, Hartford, Connecticut
Sept. 12–14: Postal History Symposium and Aerophilately 2014, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

* Indicates APS On the Road Courses

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Enjoy the Art

Georges Croegaert “The Philatelist”

Home page / Lista degli artisti / Georges Croegaert

 Georges Croegaert - The Philatelist
Georges Croegaert – The Philatelist


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